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    Ralph Spracklin
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    I am restoring a DeForest Crosley ‘Meteor’ 6D531. This radio was manufactured by Rogers Majestic of Toronto. Most of the work is completed, but the Power Transformer is kaput. It would run too hot to the touch after about five minutes, and pitch/tar was oozing from the bottom end. As a relative newbie to this hobby I don’t have a lot of experience with Power Transformers. I have rigged up a winding apparatus that works very slick, and am going to attempt at rewinding the damaged tranny. As magnetic winding wire is not cheap to purchase I want to be certain I get it right first time around. My question is regarding the 6.3 Volt winding. See schematic and help me figure out if this is a twelve volt winding tapped at 6.3 Volts. Or is it a less than 12 Volt winding tapped at 6,3 Volts with the other side of this same winding being uses to power the Dial lights. To add to this confusion, I do not know the voltage of the dial lamps and the schematic does not give me that information. My thought is to run two dial lights in parallel with the 6,3 tube filaments and use two # 47 dial lamps, making it a single winding of 6.3 without any Tap being used. Also I do have an old Westinghouse transformer (no centre Tap on the 6,3 volt winding) that should run the thing, but it is a bit on the large side and there is not enough space on the chassis to mount it. So my plan is to wire this transformer via an power umbilical cord to test this set out before I pump any more dollars into it .In other words, get the set working first.

    Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

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