About Our Memberships

The Canadian Vintage Radio Society offers a free Forum Participant account for those wishing only to post to our several Forums that are open to the public.  Click on the following link to register for a Free Forum Participant Account. You will receive an email to activate your account. (If you don't see the email, check your Spam/Trash mailboxes.)

Those who wish access to all forums and other organization resources such as current and past newsletters, how-to articles, etc., require paid membership in the CVRS. To become a full member and enjoy all member benefits, please refer to the information below.

National Membership

Annual Dues

  • $20 including the downloadable PDF newsletter.

Annual renewals are at the same rate and can be paid by the same methods.

Joining the CVRS

Joining the CVRS is as simple as providing a few details for the member database and submitting your dues. Membership is on a 12 month basis beginning when your dues are received. An email reminder will be sent to you automatically when your membership expiration is approaching.

Membership Rebate Offer

Are you new to the CVRS and also currently a member of a club, group, or organization associated with vintage electronics? If so, the CVRS will rebate $5 of the first year's dues - that's 1/4 of basic membership to your club or group! Just include the name of your club/organization and its contact info (preferably email) in the “Areas of Special Interest” field when you fill out your membership information. Including this information is important: it is how we will be able to track your organization and know where to send the rebate.

Eligible organizations include those associated even loosely with any aspect of vintage or antique radio/electronics. Examples include: other vintage radio clubs, local amateur radio groups, wireless or telephony organizations, groups with an interest in early electronics/tube technology or in pioneers like Tesla, Fleming, de Forest, Rogers.

Feel free to use this offer as a fund-raiser for your local group. We track all members of each organization and send the total rebate at the end of the calendar year. The more members who join the CVRS, the bigger the year-end rebate. It's win-win all around.

Local Chapter Membership

All members of local chapters must also belong to the national organization. Those wishing to join a local chapter typically take out membership in both the national and local groups by attending a local meeting and paying the dues for both organizations simultaneously. The portion of dues intended for the national CVRS along with your membership information will be submitted to the national CVRS on your behalf. Dues for membership in local chapters are set at the local level and you can receive more information by contacting the chapter of interest to you.

For more information on: Contact
CVRS Alberta Chapter Alberta Chapter
CVRS BC Lower Mainland Chapter Ken Patenaude (604) 856-0253

Regional Networks

All members of Regional Networks must also belong to the national organization.There are no additional fees associated with the Regional Networks. Read more about this option.