Our bi-monthly, magazine-format Newsletter, Canadian Vintage Radios provides members with regular updates on CVRS Member activity and an ongoing, collection of invaluable information to vintage electronic enthusiasts.

Featured reports form local Chapters and Regional Networks are combined with articles by CVRS Members and others on ranging from must-read topics on cabinet and speaker restoration, vintage radio and electronics (often of particular manufacturers and models) to biographical sketches of vintage radio personalities and notable figures, classified ads, and more.

In its pages, readers may visit significant sites and radio museums in print, discover new products for use in restoration, read reviews of topical books, and reduce their own task load through a variety of helpful hints and tricks to solve frequently – and sometimes infrequently – encountered restoration problems.

While ‘Canadian Vintage Radios’ focuses primarily on Canadian electronic history, it is not exclusive to our society or this country. The CVRS has links with over 20 vintage radio organizations, both Canadian and international, that enable the exchange and provision of articles from other publications and vice-versa. A separate page of links to affiliated newsletters and their associated groups is provided.

Sample copies of CVRS can be viewed here. Archived copies of all back issues of Canadian Vintage Radios from present to 1995 are available to CVRS members in our Newsletter Archive.

The editor of our newsletter is Gerry O’Hara and he may be contacted for more information or to submit ideas for possible articles/features here