Local Chapters

In 2010, CVRS members in Alberta and British Columbia formed two local chapters to better provide local members with information, seminars, swap meets, and to better promote the sharing of enjoyment in the pastime. The national organization is now working with other regions and members at large to encourage the forming of similar groups across the country and internationally.

Chapters can be formed by members who are either based in the same local area or who share a common interest in some aspect of vintage electronics. Members who live close to one another often wish to meet, socialize and spend ‘face time’ with like-minded folks. Others may wish to network nationally, or even internationally, and exchange information about a particular manufacturer or a class of items like audio amplifiers. Both types of groups are encouraged by the CVRS and we work willingly with any members to facilitate the formation of regional or special interest Chapters.

All members are encouraged to  get in touch with our executive for help in establishing activities in your area, whether it be geographic or a particular slice of vintage electronics.