The Canadian Vintage Radio Society (CVRS) is a non-profit, national organization dedicated to the preservation, and enjoyment of antique radios and vintage electronics throughout Canada. The Society was founded in 1992 to serve as an umbrella organization for individuals and special interest groups involved in these endeavours, and strives to open the world of antique radio to everyone.

As a national organization, the society connects and supports individual members, local chapters, and regional networks across the country, although membership in our organization extends well outside our borders. Local chapters currently exist in Alberta and the BC Lower Mainland and serve local members by arranging swap-meets, instructional seminars, and social gatherings. Regional Networks operate on Vancouver Island, BC; Saskatchewan; Manitoba; Ontario's Golden Triangle; and the Atlantic provinces. These networks facilitate members getting and staying in touch in any area where geography, physical distances, or member density make physical meeting difficult. The CVRS actively supports the development of such networks as a means of connecting those interested in vintage electronics in as many ways as possible.

The Canadian Vintage Radio Society (CVRS) also furthers the preservation of information and vintage electronic technology by supporting other clubs, organizations, and their members with an interest in these areas. We do this by offering new members who also belong to an allied group a rebate of 1/3 of their first years CVRS dues paid directly to their club. Not only do new members receive all the benefits of belonging to a national organization, but they also help their local group by joining our organization. You can learn more about this rebate offer on our Membership Page.