Being part of the national body of the Canadian Vintage Radio Society provides a variety of options to take your interest in vintage radio and electronics to new levels! Our membership is continually growing, both nationally and internationally, and we are constantly seeking ways to make the CVRS a must-join organization. Being a part of that development and service can put your interest to new creative uses, and produce benefits for both yourself and others.

Our services fall into a number of main areas, most of which are made up of separate tasks. Every task offers a different and exciting way to be involved with vintage radio - there's no need to take on an entire area!

To name a few possibilities ..

The CVRS Website: If you're Internet or website savvy, this area offers as many options as you can imagine. Develop or collect content, be involved with site design, create new pages, provide links to other sites, be part of website planning - all are of vital importance to the organization and to members.

Membership and Member Services: The heart of what we do. The CVRS exists only for its members. Develop or administer new ways for members to interact, new services that we can provide, monitor and make entries to the member database, or develop posts and notices.

Schematic Service: At this time, we provide RCC schematics only to about 1970. But vintage electronics is expanding into the early transistor era of the 1970s and 80s. The world of audio amplifiers and other vintage electronic areas also need schematics. Are you in possession of the schematics for any such area? Are you interested in schematic detective work? Would you like to develop or preside over additional schematic services for members?

The Newsletter: Every newsletter combines gathering and writing copy, layout and design, and distribution - whether in electronic form or print. Do you have an interest in desktop publishing, copy editing, or layout? The newsletter is a core activity of the CVRS. As our membership and areas of interest have expanded, so has the newsletter. Consider being a part of this key area.

The CVRS Forum: One of our most active hubs. This is where CVRS and Forum members interact and communicate with one another. Every forum is the sum of many parts. New discussion areas need to be created, chat rooms for CVRS members need to be developed, posts need to appear under the most appropriate topic, and the need for forum moderation is ongoing.

And any other area you can come up with!

Every area speaks to the wealth of opportunities available for anyone wanting to be more involved with vintage electronics than just on the workbench. As a member of the national team, you can interact regularly with the organization's directors, all its members, other enthusiasts throughout North American, and elsewhere. Be part of the excitement of taking Canadian Vintage Radio around the world!

For more information or just to chat about the possibilities of being part of this exciting expansion of the CVRS, contact . You can also check into "Getting involved with the CVRS" in the CVRS Forum/Member's Lounge.