Regional Networks

Regional Networks are supported by the CVRS as a useful means of helping members get and stay in touch. Typically, they operate over areas too broad for enthusiasts to meet easily face to face. The Society holds that developing and providing networking opportunities for all members in all areas are core services we can offer. Promoting and maintaining regional networks on our website are important ways we do this.

At present, five Regional Networks of the CVRS are operating and can be accessed through the following links. The Atlantic Network connects members in Canada’s Atlantic provinces; Ontario’s Golden Horseshoe Network does the same for that region; the Manitoba and Saskatchewan Networks cover their respective provinces; and The Vancouver Island Network operates for the benefits for CVRS VI members on Canada’s west coast.

Formation of a member network in any region will be actively supported by the Society. If you think your region is a viable candidate, contact us here. We will assist you in canvassing the interest of other members in your area and in getting your network up and running.