National Organization

The CVRS not only acts as the umbrella organization of every member, but as the parent body of local chapters and special interest groups. Through their affiliation with the larger, national body, local groups can provide their members with benefits that are out of the reach of smaller organizations. For those vintage radio enthusiasts who live where insufficient members can be found to form a local group, the national CVRS has been structured to provide the same benefits to the individual. Regardless of where they live or whether they belong to a local chapter, all members of the CVRS receive:

  • A bi-monthly publication “Canadian Vintage Radios’ – currently some 12 pages – filled with articles on radio restoration, member workshops, radio history, serialized technical features, chapter news, and details of related organizations.
  • A free RCC schematic service that provides PDF or printed copies of schematics, alignments instructions, stringing diagrams, and parts lists where available in the publications of the Radio College of Canada running from the mid 1920s up to the end of tube radio manufacture in this country.
  • Access to a growing library of archived newsletters and articles of interest on cabinet and chassis restoration, electronic circuitry, and many other topics.
  • The ability to participate in all areas of the CVRS Forums – a one-stop, online shop for buying/selling radios, for receiving advice, and for exchanging knowledge of vintage radio and countless other subjects.
  • And endless opportunities to network with national and international members.