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    Gerry Overton
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    Just joined this Forum. I live in Dunrobin, just outside Ottawa.

    I am looking to buy all tubes for my Rogers – Majestic “Richelieu” radio , serial# 57-1269.

    The tubes are 6A7M, 88M, 6B7M, 6H7M.
    I understand that some of these are difficult to source.

    Thank you for any assistance,

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    Sterling Spurrell
    CVRS Member

    Here is a substitution chart if you do not find original.

    Dan Walker
    CVRS Member

    Hi Gerry”
    Welcome to the forum. sometimes we are a bit slow on this forum, but we do have a bit of experience with the Canadian radios like Rogers,
    DeForest Crosley, Sparton and Majestic.
    I have quire a few of these in my collection and I get every Rogers tube I can find.
    I do have a 6B7M tube that tests good, and as far as I know, there is no sub for it.
    If you send me a personal message or email me we can get some sort of a plan in action to get you the tube.
    I also have the schematics and alignment information for this radio if you need it.
    It looks like you are going to need a couple of knobs also
    [ Just a note here for you] When you are asking about a particular radio the serial number does not mean much.
    What we need is the make and the model, and in the case of Rogers, sometimes the only thing you can get from the rear plate is the Type
    PS I find it hard to send a personal message on this forum, so if you can’t do it let one of the administrators know
    Dan Walker in Calgary

    Dan Walker
    CVRS Member

    Hello Gerry:
    I did some research for you on this radio and the schematics for a 10-57 a 10-58 and a 10-59 are the schematics for it.
    It uses a 80 tube for the rectifier.
    You are going to need a tuning bulb [if yours is burnt out]
    It is a 24 volt bulb and you will have to get the right one with the proper mili amps.
    When you contact me I can tell you which one will work.
    I hope this will help you out,
    Dan Walker in Calgary

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    Gerry Overton
    Forum Participant

    Hi Dan,

    Thank you for doing some research on this radio for me. The only thing that works is the tuning lamp!

    This is only my second vintage radio so I have lots to learn. I am going to look at and potentially buy a bunch of vacuum tubed tomorrow. There appears to be ~ 50 tubes for $50. I hope some of them will b what I need. Right now I am missing 5 bulbs and I have no idea if the rest of the components are fine.

    I will use the schematics and the multimeter and make my way through the circuitry.

    My first radio is a Nordmende and I had grown used to listening to the morning news until it just failed to turn on one recent morning. It was a beautiful sounding radio.

    Thanks again, ps here are the bulbs and stuff I am going yo look at tomorrow.

    Dan Walker
    CVRS Member

    It is good that you have some tubes lined up,But as you know the most of the Rogers radios take a different tube.
    If you are planning on doing more radios, you might need some of the tubes you posted photos of..
    On the other hand if you are only concerned doing the Rogers radio ,you won’t need all those tubes.
    The next thing I would caution you about is not to turn the radio on until you have changed at lease the electrolytic capacitors.
    On your schematic , those are C 43, 44, 45, and 46.
    You can cause some damage to the transformer, and they are not easy to get.
    All the capacitors need to be changed also
    As I mentioned ,, I have one of the tubes you will need and there is no substitute for that tube. It is a 6B7M.
    Have a look at the substitution list that Sterling posted. You will find the tubes that will work with out having to get the exact Rogers tubes.
    Maybe there is someone in your area that could give you a helping hand with some of these things
    If not, we could help you with some of the questions you might have .
    A good book, that will help you very much is called ‘ ‘The Elements of Radio” By Marcus and Marcus.
    When I started to restore these radios I knew nothing about how a radios works, and that book explains it very well.
    You will need capacitors and a good place to get them from, is ”Just Radios”
    Send me a personal message phone me and we can see about that 6B7M tube [403] 246 0669
    Dan Walker in Calgary

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