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    Dan Walker
    CVRS Member

    I have a need for a dial for a Marconi model 85. or similar model. The one I need is for the tombstone pictured,
    but a similar one would work.
    There are several Marconi’s that used basically the same dial with a little different configuration.
    The distance across the glass is 9 inches
    Let me know what you have .
    Thanks Dan in Calgary.


    John Bartley
    Forum Participant

    I might have that …. or similar … let me look.


    John Bartley
    Forum Participant

    I have one … similar … 8-1/4″ x 6-1/2″. Mine looks like the one in your first photo.

    I can send a photo of you think it might fit.


    Dan Walker
    CVRS Member

    John, that would be very good if you can send a photo.
    The one in the first photo is the same radio we need it for.
    Maybe you can also tell me the length of the dial. I presume it is the same from the center to each end?
    my email is
    Much appreciated .
    Dan walker in Calgary


    John Bartley
    Forum Participant

    Here is what I have :

    Part number of the glass is 60510
    The glass is 8-3/8″ w x 6-7/16″ h
    From the left of the “K” on the left to the “.” after the “C” on the right is 6-1/2″
    From the top of the “5” on the top of the dial to the bottom of the “9” at the bottom of the dial is 5-1/8″
    From the left of the left oval hole to the right of the right oval hole (only in the black paper – glass is solid) is 3-3/8″
    From centre to centre of the two round holes in the glass and black paper is 1-1/4″

    Let me know how this fits for you.


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    Dan Walker
    CVRS Member

    Thank you for the photo;
    I just want to make it clear , that what my friend needs is the white pointer that goes on the radio.
    He has the glass and everything else.
    The photos I sent you show two different pointers, but as long as it is long enough, it should work
    Can you send me a photo of the pointer?
    We would like to know how much you want for the pointer, including shipping. to
    6206 37 st S.W.
    Calgary, Alta t3e5m8.
    Thank you very much.
    Dan Walker


    John Bartley
    Forum Participant


    I misunderstood. I thought by “dial” you meant the glass part with the numbers. I don’t have the indicator/needle/pointer. All I have is the dial glass.



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