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    Dan Walker
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    I just finished the cabinet on the this little radio.
    I did the chassis during the winter, and it sounds very good.
    I had a friend who I had not seen for 20 years, buy it for a photo shoot.
    That is what he is telling his wife so she won’t know that it is her Christmas present.
    I came out very nice and I am surprised that it has a 12 inch speaker.
    Dan in Calgary

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    I have the same cabinet except the radio is a Canadian Westinghouse Model 175. I’ve started to refinish the cabinet and would love to refurbish the radio back to operable. Any resources you can recommend?
    P.S. nice job on the restore, looks great. THe speaker fabric was destroyed on mine any tips on where I might find replacement fabric?

    Dan Walker
    CVRS Member

    I do not know where you can get the proper grill cloth, as it is a Canadian radio and there are not enough of them to warrant
    making reproduction grill cloth.
    One place you can try is” Richmond Designs”, in the States. I have dealt with him and his grill cloth is good.
    You might find a pattern that would work for you.
    As far as the chassis of the radio is concerned, I don’t know at what level you are at ,for restoring it
    I get my capacitors at ”Just Radios”
    You can probably get the schematics from ‘Nostalgia air.

    To start with change at least the electrolytic capacitors, but i always change every cap.
    Good luck
    Dan in Calgary

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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