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    Dan Walker
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    This is my third Westinghouse of the same model [1029] that I have restored.
    On this particular one , someone had hooked up a permanent magnet speaker to it and turned it on. The electrolytic caps
    blew up and were all over the inside.
    I restored the chassis and now I finally got the cabinet done.
    The photos are too bright with the flash, and it looks better in the flesh.

    The other one is a GE mode G77 and you can see that someone had painted parts of it PINK.
    I have them both restored and working.
    Dan in Calgary.

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    hey Dan, Is that the same 1029 I sold you? Fantastic job!

    Dan Walker
    CVRS Member

    Hi Darren” no it is not the same radio but the same model.
    I picked this one up in Pincher Creek.
    Someone had taken out the field coil speaker and hooked up a permanent magnet speaker,,then turned it on.
    The electrolytic caps blew up all over the inside of the chassis.
    They are a very different cabinet but quite unique.
    I sent you a PM, because I now don’t have your email address.
    Dan in Caalgary

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    Dan! Both works of art as usual. I’m in love with the Westinghouse.

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    I have a 1029 that is missing the grille cloth and wood enclosure.The cabinet fell apart when I took it out of loft in garage. It has been re glued cabinet refinished so just have to do grille part . Someday I hope.

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