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    I have been collecting old radios for many years butI am a relatively new ham and finally got around to building a 142’sky loop. So I haven’t hooked up my equipment yet, but the antenna is done. Coax transmission line to the radio room. I have spent countless hours reading about grounding for RF and for lightning. The latest I read was If your house has proper 3 pronged wires in the plug you DO NOT have to ground your radio and tuner etc. My house was built in 1990 and has properly grouded waal outlets, do I still need to ground my radio transceiver and tuner and VFO?? Then I read the loop antenna works without being grounded as long as you use coax and don’t run ladder line to the shack.
    My idea:I was going to ground the shield of the coax before it entered the building and do a common ground strip of copper connecting all my equipment together and running a ground cable to all of this to the same ground rod (earth ground rod).
    Question:If I ground the Coax shield then am i just shorting my antenna and sending all my signal to ground? As the other end of the coax goes to a feed point and is connected to one end of this loop.With the centre wire of the coax connected to the other end of the loop.

    So I guess I should know this. I have the ARRL antenna book, but between that and all the online ham pages with antenna plans and utube, I really don’t know what to do. So I’m looking for a SIMPLE answer. Like YES its ok to run a ground to one side of your lead line or NO don’t do that only the gophers will hear your transmitted signal. If you are still reading thank you. And YES you still need a radio transceiver ground or NO your house wiring will take care of it. Any answers or help much appreciated. please post here(other newbees may benefit) or write to me atlelee at gmail dot com
    73, Lee

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