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    Gerry O’Hara

    The SPARC Radio Museum in Coquitlam, BC recently received the following enquiry from Robert Sampson and are unable to help him:

    “Hello, I was referred to you by Innovative Audio who recommend I contact you in regards to possibly knowing someone that is able to repair and service Edison Cylinder Phonograph players. My wife and I own an antiques store in Tsawwassen and are looking for someone that may be able to help us on an ongoing basis with our phonograph repairs. Currently, we have an Edison Model E in need of service and was hoping that you may know someone that does this type of work? Any information would be very helpful. Thank-you for your time, I look forward to hearing from you.”

    The few of these that I have taken a look at (out of curiosity but with no inclination to work on as I am not too mechanically-inclined) have been remarkably robust and it seem that often it’s the lubricant that has solidified/turned into gum that stops it working as it should – more of an (old-days) auto-engineering skill set than vintage radio and not my ‘cup of tea’.

    Can anyone provide help to Robert? – his contact details are Robert Sampson, tel. 778-434-3313, email:


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