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    I picked up this Majestic console for $10. It is missing the chassis, but the speaker is there and the cabinet is excellent.I posted this on the U.S. antique radio forum and figured that this is a Canadian Majestic. There is no ID of any kind on it. I’m guessing 1933-34. The speaker is 8″ and is stamped 4193, the field coil is stamped 1014. The chassis looks to be about 11″x 6″ from the dust that is left surrounding the 4 mounting holes. Apparently the U.S. Majestics only used 2 shafts, this one has 3 cabinet holes. The 2 outermost ones are 8″ apart, with the center one 4″ from either the left or right cabinet holes. Of the 2 cabinet escutcheons, the left one (looking at the radio) is open and the right one is closed off and says “Majestic” on the inset. I’d like to find out the model number and then try to track down a chassis (long shot, I know). Has anyone run across one of these in their travels ?

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