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    I do not have the radios myself, rather I just spotted them today at a local 2nd hand store called “New to You” here in Truro NS. Sorry if that’s not allowed, but I wanted to let people know about it, because they occasionally throw stuff out that doesn’t sell, and it would be a shame for these to end up in a landfill. I can’t take them myself, as I don’t have room and they are outside of my current areas of interest anyway.
    They are selling two of them as a set for 40 dollars. One is the size of a small chest, and the other the size of a small dresser. I am guessing they are from sometime between 30s-50s. They are both in pretty bad condition, but at the very least they could be used for parts/
    Unfortunately I did not have my phone to take pictures, but I can go back tomorrow and do that, and get make and model numbers probably.

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