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    I have a few tubes for sale and I thought maybe a member here might be interested. These are larger, communication type tubes. I also have some large pin tubes (30’s, 40’s, 50’s, 70’s) I’m sorting through and may find their way here once tested. Here is what I currently have:

    1616 – Hytron ——-$5

    866 – RCA ———$9

    836 X3 – Electronic Enterprises Inc ——-$10/ea

    802 – RCA deForest ———$5

    1625 X2 – JAN Westinghouse & RCA ——–$5/ea

    809 – JAN CDR General Electronics & Unknown ——-$15/ea

    5R4GY X2 – JAN GE & RCA ———$8/ea

    All tubes are tested and test great for quality and do not have any shorts. Price is plus shipping. I’m located in Barrie and would welcome local pick-up. You may leave here with more than you bargained for however. LOL.

    Tubes1 photo TubesMar24001_zps96aed487.jpg

    Tubes2 photo TubesMar24005_zpsf3241ece.jpg

    Thanks for looking.


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    This site never ceases to frustrate me.

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    donald ratte
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    Hi , i bought a Crosley Deforest , Niagara, 1937. some lamp are good, but some missing.
    model# 7D1232

    do you have those in stock? how much?

    6K7M 6A7M RT_neon 6K7M 6X6 6K7M 86M 6K7M 86M 6F6M 6F6M 2X3 2X3 2X3 2X3

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    Hi Don,

    I don’t have many Roger’s tubes and the ones I do have I tend to hold on to. They often show up on ebay however. Sorry.


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