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    I recently received 2 old RCA radios. One is a model 85K and the other is a model 8T-2. I have found documentation for both.
    Which one would be the best candidate for restoration? The 85K has been replanted into a homemade cabinet and the 8T-2 is in the original cabinet. Both are untested and both have issues with their tuning mechanisms. Both radios look to be complete with no missing parts.
    I know from working on audio equipment that some units are better candidates for restoration than others so I thought I’d ask.
    I am not a collector so I only need one. I’m a huge fan of Old Time Radio and want to listen to those classic radio programs on authentic equipment. Fortunately a local AM station plays a few hours of these every night

    Thanks for looking.

    Sterling Spurrell
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    I guess it is going to be a personal choice but for me it would be the one that is original.

    Dan Walker
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    I have an 8T-2 that I restored about five years ago. I like the looks of the radio and it is a good performer.
    I would definitely go with that one,since it is original, and it has the eye tube.
    Here is a photo of mine
    Dan in Calgary

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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