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    I have a Marconi Model 180 ( 1939 ? )
    painted white bake lite radio. I am having trouble removing the white paint off the cabinet. I have tried several brands of paint stripper right up to AIRCRAFT stripper ….. nothing seems to work on this paint …… I even put it in a stripper bath for 24 hours …. nothing seems to work …… I can only suspect at that time , they did not use paint ….. I am so frustrated and do not know what to do ………. The chassis is all restored and waiting for a finished cabinet ….

    John Greenland
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    Is it possible that the paint you are trying to remove is not paint at all but some sort of repair compound to fix a broken cabinet in a previous life ?

    Just a thought .

    John G.

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    This radio is all original …. no repairs …. And the stuff I am using “aircraft stripper ” is very strong …….smells bad , burns flesh …. but does not work well stripping the paint off the bakelite cabinet……. trying now with little success… a 24 hour soak in this solution ……. I have never come across a problem like this before……

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    A trick I used, it works at least on Philco painted bakelite, is cover the cabinet with oven cleaner and put the cabinet in a plastic bag overnight, the next day the paint come off easy


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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