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    Gary Albach

    I may have re-invented a wheel here but I can’t find anywhere where this was tried. The paper label on the bottom of an Arvin 540T I just finished painting blue was crumbling. How to save it from the paint stripper? Took a picture thinking I would print a new label after painting. But tried this instead and it worked ok:
    1. Masked the cabinet around the outside of the label, leaving the label exposed
    2. Soaked the label with clear polyurethane finish (I used Minwax satin wipe-on but anything will probably do.)
    3. When dry, masked the label, stripped and painted the cabinet.
    4. Peeled the masking tape off the label. It survived the paint stripper.

    Next time, I’ll put a few drops of thin crazy glue on the areas of the label where they are coming off the cabinet, just to really stick them down. And I probably didn’t need to mask around the label when I soaked it with the poly. Just paint it and forget about the poly that gets on the cabinet. The over-paint would come off with the stripper.


    CVRS Member

    Just read this old post. Thanks for the tip on saving labels ! I hadn’t thought it possible.

    Gary in Montreal

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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