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    There does not seem to be an Ideal Forum to make this Post. so here goes.

    The First Voice of Radio “Canadian”
    Recently I have been killing time in my old age, doing research on the beginning of Radio. I grew up in St. John’s, NL, beneath the shadow and fog of Signal Hill, of Marconi fame. Many individuals are in that line-up, and the controvercy still rages as to whom we vie as to their importance in the discoverey of radio, as we know it today. And, as for my part, I have determined, that indeed there was no single individual who can claim this accolade. Most of these individuals, who stand in this historic line-up are giants in their own right. One such giant stands out above them all. His name, Reginald Aubrey Fessenden. And I am certain most of us have heard his name bounced around. He was a Canadian, born in Quebec. Not only was Fessenden a giant of a man in his physical stature, he stood around six foot six inches, he was definitely a giant in the field of radio and radio signals, etc.. I will save both my own time and also space on this site by just giving you a link to an on-line article as to his Bio and the achievements of this great Canadian. Hope you all enjoy it as much as I. The article below is published by the Hammond Museum, in Guelph, ON, and is a reprint from an article which appeared in the “Cat’s Whisker”, back in the seventies. I am getting impatient, waiting for the Museum to re-open, as it has been shut down for too long due to Covid. For a number of years I was a service provider for Hammond Industries. Back then I was not even aware of their Museum .or their Transformer Division.


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