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    Robert Cassidy
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    I need to test two Rogers Majestic radio tubes, 6B6M and a 6K6M if anyone could help me with the code, I would appreciate the information. I have a Stark 9-66 tube tester.
    Thanks Bob Cassidy

    Tony F
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    Bob, Justradios has a list of substitute tubes here :
    Your 6K6M is the same as a regular 6K6. The “M” at the end just means “metal” for the metal spray coating that was applied to the Rogers tubes. As for the 6B6M it crosses to a 75M.
    It is the same as a 6Q7 or 6Q7G
    Hope this helps…

    Don Henschel
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    Too bad you didn’t have a 9-55 otherwise I could scan and send you all of my cards. They say the 9-66 was first made in the late 40’s and given this mine is probably as old as the radios I have. Other than this I have two Heathkit tube testers with the rolled up paper you scroll through by turning knobs. I just need to find a tube tester to test these.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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