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    Rick D
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    Good Day Fellows -There are some of us that have some Rogers Radios with tubes that are very hard to find ,one of them I have in my Rogers 10-10 Chassis 21 ,it has a 6F7m tube, I some how got
    a spare ,took a lot of searching.In my searching I found a post a while ago that had a sub for the 6F7M tube.It was a 6P7G ,but you had to change some of the wiring , change the wires from
    #3 pin to #4 pin and #4 to #5 and #5 to #6 and #6 to #7 and the wires from #7 to #3 ,I found a shop near me that had 8 pin tube adapters ,about $3.75 for the top and bottom set ,male and female.
    I just had to try this out to see how it worked ,so I soldered the wire changes in the adapter, I wanted to keep the chassis original , I tried it in my set today and it worked just fine ,I sent along a
    photo of the adapter ,after soldering I just glued it together with Gorilla glue ,just thought I would pass this info along in case anyone could use it ,thanks for your time ,have a great Thanksgiving
    and don,t eat to much Turkey,all the very best Rick

    Don Henschel
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    Rick you have a walk in the park compared to my PENDD61 in my 1936 Philco 444!
    Anyway instead of messing about rewiring I found a seller in California that has 4, NOS 6F7G for sale for $29 USD
    The item number is
    eBay item number:
    seller is
    Now the good news is this seller isn’t using that Global Shipping Program @#%!

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