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    I’ve been searching for info on the record player in a Stromberg Carlson 2061. According to the Radio Museum, the record player in the Stromberg Carlson 2051 is a perh. I have no idea what perh. stands for. They also say RCC supplement 23, page 83 and 90. I’ve had no luck finding any RCC documents.

    I think the model is 148974, although the schematics say 148976. Attached are some pictures. I’m wondering if it is missing a part. The platter sits on the bearings, that sit on top of the spacer in the picture, but nothing touches that spring clip part shown in the pic. It sits in the recessed part of the spacer, bearing sits on top.
    Shouldn’t there be a gear or something to activate the mechanism?

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    John Greenland
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    Looks an awful lot like a “Perpetuum Ebner” I used to have and could not repair.


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    Thanks for the reply John. I was afraid of that.

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    I got more info on it. It is a General Instruments 700F and it is missing a part. The Pinion Assembly is missing.
    Riders Volume 19.

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