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    Tony F
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    Hello, I was wondering if anyone has any information about the adapters that Stark used for the 12-22A tester. I am trying to test some early German tubes DF11, DL11, DCH11, DAF11, UY11. These tubes have 3 pins on one side and 5 pins on the opposite side on the bottom of the tube. I know that the Stark 12-22 had this adapter built into the tester, but the 12-22A did not. The only tube listed in all the manuals is the UY11 (half wave rectifier). It says to test, use the Stark EK adapter. I have some of these sockets, just looking for info on how to wire them to the corresponding socket on the tester. Hopefully someone has some of these adapter(s) and could be a wealth of information. There is nothing currently available on the net, short of buying an early German tube tester for these tubes.
    Thanks in advance.

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