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    Les Dickson
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    The adage goes, “there are no stupid questions” however, having taught for a number of years I’m not sure I entirely but into that but after searching a substantial amount of time I’m unable to figure this out on my own.
    I have a Deforest model “Aries” Chassis 6D411 which is similar to 1) the Rogers 11/40 Chassis 6R411 & 6R412 and 2) the Majestic model “Scout” Chassis 6M411. The original speaker and transformer were replaced and the speaker is trashed. I suspect that the replacement transformer doesn’t match the original. The schematic (attached in PDF) I have for the radio doesn’t specify if the speaker is permanent magnet or electromagnet. There is a symbol on the schematic at the speaker that I’m not familiar with (also attached).
    So, how do I proceed? There is no information on the transformer (T3 on the schematic).
    The last image below shows the speaker and transformer that someone swapped in. The transformer is not attached to the speaker as the schematic suggests.

    John Greenland
    CVRS Member


    A couple of observations which may help.

    1: RCA lists the load resistance of a 41 as 12000 ohms. Rogers lists a 6K6GT as a substitute and its load resistance is also 12000 ohms.

    2: The parts list says that T5 is the speaker. This would lead one to believe that this is not a permanent magnet speaker but the 3000 ohm choke is the speaker field coil.

    Hope this helps. TTFN

    John G. VO1 CAT

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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