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    David T
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    Looking for a schematic for this Canadian Silvertone Model 4165 version. The US models have a different schematic Model 2014, 2015, 2016.
    Silvertone Radio Chassis Number C817.41650 (Canadian Model “C”)
    cat no 4165 Brown cat no 4166 Ivory
    Tubes 2ea 6BJ6,12BE6,12AV6,35Z5,50L6
    I have about 1/3 of the schematic and parts list as it was mounted to the inner top of the cabinet. Anyone that has this model may have one intact, it would be appreciated if you could send pictures of it. Searching the internet I could not find a schematic from the usual sources Radio Museum etc. I don’t have access to RCC schematics etc. so not sure if it is in there. It appears mostly original but without a schematic I can’t be sure.

    Thanks so much

    Jean Marcotte
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    I have the same cabinet in ivory but it bears model number 307 (306 in brown) and has a different chassis using 6 octal tubes. I cannot find these models in RCC. Here is the schematic I have on mine. Maybe it can help.

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