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    Jordan Dobrikin
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    Looking for comment, advice, assistance retrofitting transistorizing pre 1930’s Tube Radios to lower safer voltages
    Are these suitable
    RF Amplifier PC Board 2N5109 PC Board or Kit
    DC 12V 10KHz-1GHz 10dBm RF Broadband Low Noise Amplifier LNA Module HF VHF UHF

    AntiqueRadio Tube Replacment/Substituion
    I am seeking help, advice assistance and comment on replacing ALL the Tubes in Antique Radios with Transistor/Semiconductors that will operate at lower, safer voltages.
    The main target is the RF Stages of TRF Radios and to a lesser extent Regenerative Receivers.
    Detection and Audio will be handled by a simple Detector (Crystal) and Audio Amplifiers on a small PC Board readily available on Ebay.
    I want to explore the idea of using Radios on a Chip and receiver PC Boards using “Radio on a Chip” chips. Picking up the RF at the input to the detector/audio amplifier and shunting off theunused audio to ground
    TRF radios with 2, 3, & 4 Tuned RF Stages; like the Atwater Kent Models 20C and 30
    Regenerative Receivers Radiola III, Radiola IIIA and Westinghouse RADA
    73 de Jordan ve7jjd
    STEAMPUNK Radios/Receivers: Crystal TRF & Regenerative
    Objet d’art Plural Objets d’art
    Radios: Building Crystal TRF and Regenerative Radios using Antique/Vintage Components, along with modern electronics and components (Transistors, Semiconductors, Radios on a Chip, Op Amps) to come up with Objets d’art Sculptures that are also highly functional Radios.
    (Variometers, Variocouplers, Cats Whiskers, Variable Condenser/Coil Assemblies, Vernier Dials)
    Receiverstransistorize: Retrofitting Antique Receivers/Radios, Crystal, TRF and Regenerative to operate sans Cabinetry at safe, low voltages. Both Hollow-state and/or Solid-state.
    Atwater Kent Model 20C (original tubes: UX 201A & UX 200A)
    Radiola III (original tubes: WD 11; UX 199; UX 120)
    Radiola IIIA (original tubes WD11; UX 199, UX 120)
    Westinghouse RADA (original tubes UV 200, UV 201, WR 21)
    Metrodyne Super Five

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