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    Andrew Rolfe
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    I can’t find any info on this radio anywhere. I’ve searched my “1927 to 1955 RCC” disk under Electrohome, Grimes, Phonola and Viking but nothing there. It is clearly marked “Viking” on the face of the dial. There is a plate on the rear of the chassis which reads “A Universal Radio Product manufactured for the T. Eaton Co., Canada and manufactured by Dominion Electrohome, successor to Grimes Radio Corporation” The case is wooden and it is a very large table radio, 7 tubes of which one is an eye tube. BC and Shortwave band. There is another sticker inside of the case which says “Series 7ET72-E and A7ET72-E. Radio appears to be from the 1940’s. Any help with any info at all would be much appreciated. Thanks, Andy


    Rick D
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    Hello Andy
    Pacific online radio schematics has a lot of Viking sets made by Eatons ,
    take a look,just scroll down to the Viking schematics in the list,I don,t know
    the tube line up or model number so it,s hard for me to guess what set if
    they have it is yours all the very best hope this helps Rick
    Web Address = file:///Users/rickdelaplante/Desktop/Schematics/Pacific%20T.V.%20-%20Online%20Radio%20Schematics.webarchive


    Rick D
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    Sorry Andy -try this web site =
    All the best Rick

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