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    Looking for either a Schematic or a Complete Service Manual for the following Sears Silvertone Console Type Stereo. On the radio itself is the inventory tag showing Chassis # C817-50075, I checked with the Radio Museum and was informed that it appeared to be listed in RCC manuals between 1964 and 65 years but they were missing some manuals covering those years.
    This particular stereo has the Garrard Turntable, the AM/FM Radio and a Reel to Reel Recorder which is a little unusual as normally I see either an 8 track or a cassette deck.
    The radio itself works fine on AM but the FM band is dead, checked all the usual suspects but did not find anything.

    Found more information on the Silvertone Console Stereo
    Model: 18-909
    F/O: 4858
    Tick. Number: 758948

    Thank you

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