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    Dear Members,

    When posting in the For Sale/Wanted, we ask that members follow a few simple guidelines to help the forum run more smoothly. This ensures clarity in each posting and allow other members to navigate through the listings more easily.

    Please ensure you are familiar with these guidelines before posting in the forum:

    1. All members should begin their thread with either For Sale (FS), For Trade (FT), or Wanted To Buy (WTB).

    2. Use clear, concise descriptions and pictures. This helps members judge condition more easily.

    3. Always include your location (postal code and province). Always be clear on shipping terms and conditions if applicable.

    4. Include an asking price.

    5. Communication of sale should be done through private messages and/or email, not in the thread.

    6. Links to other site such as public classifieds, auction sites (eBay), or other types are not permitted.

    7. If you have concluded with a sale or trade, please edit your thread and include “close” or “sold” in the thread name. This will alert the moderator to close the thread and help members see what listings are currently available.

    8. Please note that the CVRS is not responsible for any business conducted between parties.

    If you have any questions, please feel free to contact myself or one of the other moderators or administrators.

    Thanks for your cooperation!

    robert rouette
    Forum Participant
    Forum Participant

    Robert I think you accidentally posted your want ad under the forum rules.

    Administrator – Can the above post be moved to the for sale wanted section ? it will cause confusion if we get more ads under the forum rules thread.

    Also – I have a question about the forum rules. for sellers. there is a clear rule that they must post an asking price,
    If people have multiple items does this still apply? An example is someone selling a collection of tubes, it is hard for him to list and define a price for each tube so how Should that work with regards to posting an asking price?

    how about wanted ads? should there be a “want to pay” price? or does posting a price only apply to want ads? lets make it clear!
    it Isn’t; clarified in the rules.

    On one hand it may actually be to the poster’s benefit to post a “will pay ” price as this may help the person with access to the wanted part make a decision.

    For example the “parts supplier” may spend two hours looking for the required part, Or he may pull knobs from a Bakelite with a broken case that is repairable but might also, upon loosing it’s knobs, move towards being a parts donor. Then he may pack the item and make a trip out to the post office to get the shipping cost, and then get back to the buyer with a shipping price, then send that to the buyer and later receive a cheque for it and cash the cheque and then send the part.

    If the “wanted price” was say 10 dollars for a pair of knobs then it may not be worth the time and effort ( except in the light of it being a favor to a fellow collector) or he may make a decision to keep the radio and eventually repair the crack, but if the “wanted price” was 50 dollars then maybe the “supplier”” would put in more effort or make a different decision about wrecking the Bakelite ( again referring to my example)

    Many of us have a lot of parts so perhaps this for sale section is an important part of the forum for both buyers and sellers. for me and many others it would be quite possible to make many multiple posts of items for sale including a lot of smaller items, would that be considered clutter? or perhaps of interest and help to fellow collectors? maybe it would be fine if it is kept to a single thread and not having a “swamping” effect? as an example I have boxes of knobs and could take literally hundreds of photos. – quite an undertaking. others have large antique tube collections and could potentially do similar.

    of course having access to the area info ( what province and town they are in) will also have an effect on these decisions .

    What happens is that sometimes a fellow member who is on the other side of the country and not actually ever have the opportunity to meet the other party may not make the decision to provide the required part. Of course it is beneficial for all to have a good system to help each other and this usually has a positive effect for the group as a whole.

    I paid up my dues but If I attempt to click on names to see where sellers are from instead of giving that info, it gives me a message about upgrading my membership to a national level.. why two levels? am I not a national member ? how can I tell? I attempt to clarify with Ken who has been looking after the dues at our meetings.

    My opinion is that having the forum FREE TO USE is beneficial to the CVRS as a whole. Pretty much any web forum is free. Having a high post count benefits the CVRS because often people use the forum, then through that interaction find the local meetings, and that encourages new members to sign up which is what we all want.

    It is a subject we discussed at a local level when I first started this forum. If we do not allow non members to use the forum we loose potential members and a lot of forum activity.. Some thought the use of the forum should be a privilege only to paid members. Some were involved in the decisions but when asked if they had seen or used the forum they had not. Perhaps it would be practical and fair to use the forum in order for forum members to be a part of this decision? is it possible to do a vote using the forum software now? If it’s PHPbb now then it’s probably a part of the software that can be utilized.

    What happens is this affects how often the forum gets posted to, and for the forum to thrive it’s best if there is a high level of activity. that’s how I see it. Now that The web management has moved to Alberta I am not sure who is making these decisions or if I should, or should not still be involved in them at all. If not then could it be tabled as a discussion item at the Alberta AGM?

    I’m no longer involved with forum management or webmaster ( this is good because I think we have better web-mastering skills involved now) I would like to see this forum thrive because it is an integral part of the CVRS

    New Westminster BC Canada

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    robert rouette
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    Hello ,
    I wanded magazine RADIO TRADE-BUILDER : february , march, april and may 1942 . I wanded also the radio Norhern Electric model B 1454C ( radio battery 1942 ) any condition.
    Thank you .

    Lorne Bohn
    Forum Participant

    I would like to find square Western Electric plugs for a SRC-59 radio. They are the 1917, WWI type. These plugs are for the headset and some also come with 4 prongs instead of 2. I can send a photo if required.
    Best regards,
    Lorne Bohn

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