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    Ed Kraushar
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    A Rogers Type 20, 1922 manufactured by the Standard Radio Mfg. Corp., Limited, Toronto, Ontario.
    This radio took some time and work to get into condition to show. As found all finish was gone, the base and lid warped, the sides were warped and cracked and a crack in the faceplate. The biggest problem was that some type of oil, probably motor oil, had been spilled on the radio and has soaked into the lid, sides and base. It took many applications over several months of a slurry of diatomaceous earth and naptha to draw the oil out of the wood. With that done the cracks and warping were repaired and the case refinished.

    The radio came with one 199 tube and two adapters in the sockets. The audio transformer had been disconected and its outer cover slit. The primary was ok at 1.17k ohms resistance and the secondary open. I found a break in the outer layer of the secondary and had continuity at 5.7k ohms.

    The first stage of the radio was sucessfully tested with an 01A tube and a local station. The second stage was confusing until I realized that its tube socket had been rotated by 90 degrees connecting the A+ to the plate etc. with the buss wiring left in place. With this corrected, the audio transformer reconnected and a second 01A installed the local station could be received well although tuning is very touchy.

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