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    Tony F
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    Hi all,
    I picked up a radio (not the one pictured) that uses the large Rogers Tele-Dial or what Rogers called “Automatic Selective Tuning”. I am looking for some scans of the station preset “tabs” that were inserted behind the dial. Mine are all missing. I know that some people have acquired radio’s that have come with multiple sheets of preset “tabs”. Just wondering if someone could maybe scan a page or multiple pages of them. Even if incomplete. I’d like to take a stab at making my own. Just looking for the right “font” that they used originally, as well as the proper size and shape of the tab itself. Missing the “Manual” tab as well. Thanks to all in advance.

    Dan Walker
    CVRS Member

    I could not find any of these either so I used opaque plastic and then put my own letters on with letroset.
    Over top of that, I put clear plastic [so the lettering would not rub off]
    It is very hard to buy letroset lettering any more and it is expensive.
    I had you hand cut each piece to fit in each opening.
    Dan in Calgary I sent you am email

    John Greenland
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    Any of your local office supply companies should carriy printable transparencies for either an inkjet or a laser. You can print on them what ever you like.


    John G. VO1 CAT

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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