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    John Mattatall
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    Hi Folks
    I’m trying to figure out what power transformer I could use to replace the missing one on this chassis. A Rogers Majestic Ten-50 “Knight” The schematic show 230 Volts plate voltage.
    There is 6.3 filament and 5 volt for the rectifier. If my calculations are right I would need about 205-0-205 volts? 230v + 60 volts drop from rectifier / 1.414. = 205V CT? I look through the Hammand product page but there doesn’t seem to be anything in that range with both filaments. Has anybody tried anything different in this scenario? Maybe solid-state rectifier, but now i would need to drop the voltage etc. The 261M6 seems promising but the price is $122 plus shipping etc.for us Canadians. A lot of money to spend.
    Any suggestions would help me decide what direction to take

    Sterling Spurrell
    CVRS Member

    Do you have a picture of the old one and some measurements for the mounting holes . Maybe someone may have a parts chassis with one that will work.

    Alistair Thomson
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    Have you considered using more than one transformer? The rectifier heater winding is isolated from the other windings so a separate transformer for that would work.

    John Mattatall
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    Thanks Sterling the transformer is missing, the measurements are 4 1/4 x 3 1/2.
    Thanks Alistair – I have considered using a separate transformer, I’ll have to see what i end up with.
    How to i add an image? Do i need to point to a url?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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