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    Ralph Spracklin
    CVRS Member

    I am looking for a Rogers 6H7 M Tube. Any help would be appreciated. It seem that someone just plugged in a Number 80, but I don’t think it is going to be that simple. I’m still working on the Radio, but Ithink I am going to need one.


    Dan Walker
    CVRS Member

    Ralph; I just finished doing a radio with that tube, and I got lucky and I found a chassis for sale with that tube.
    It was 80 miles away, but I got it
    You said ”someone plugged in an 80”. The 6H7m tube has more pins than an 80,so it would not fit.
    . Do you have the schematics for the radio you are working on? What model is it?
    Dan in Calgary.

    Sterling Spurrell
    CVRS Member

    Not 100 percent sure but cant you use a 6ad7g tube and rewire the grid..

    Ralph Spracklin
    CVRS Member

    Sorry Dan. My Mistake, in my post I said Number 80, I should have said Number 6F6G. As to why I said Number 80 I don’t know???? Yes, I do have the Schematic, Guess I had rectifier on my mind, for some reasonor other.
    I had already thought of scouting out another chassis, but I am sure they too are scarce. The model of the Radio is my DeForest, Kent Type 77. Ya, the one with the two component boards we discussed on a recent post, which by the way turned out to be a nightmare.
    Also, Sterling, I was looking at the option you suggested, of using the 6AD7G, and if worse comes to worse, I may have to go that route, but I wanted to keep the Radio as close to original as possible.

    And Gentlemen, thanks for the speedy replys.



    James Nikiforuk
    Forum Participant

    Hello Ralph,
    I have 2 Rodgers 6H7M They are New Old Stock.
    I actually have a lot of tubes, radios, horns, test equipment etc. This was my husbands collection and he passed away in January. I’m now looking to sell the entire collection. I will post the full collection, where should I do that?

    I’ve attached a spread sheet of all the tubes I have.

    Let me know if you need the tubes.

    Thanks Deb

    Forum Participant
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