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    1938 DeForest Crosley 7D731 "Dufferin" radio.
    This radio uses two 2X3 half wave rectifier tubes, which can be modified to use one 5Y3G full wave tube.
    Rogers said 2X3 tubes will be available untill 1948.
    Does anyone know if any 2X3’s are available today. If possible I would perfer to keep the Duffeirn as manufactured.
    Thanks for any information! 😕

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    Well, its pretty hard to find someone who has them and is willing to part with them – you could try Grandpa’s radio shop in Kitchener Ontario – George might have a couple extra – or Moe from the London , Ontario radio club. I have seen a couple that were made by a manufacturer other than Rogers – Westinghouse I think – so they are out there – The last time I saw any for sale they were asking $20 or more each. If you look through the other postings on here you will likely find some on rewiring the socket . A lot of the 2×3’s I come across are no good – I don’t think they handled excess current very well when the filters went bad or leaky.
    The other alternative to rewiring the socket would be to make an adapter – haven’t seen anybody write that one up yet – but it wouldn’t be too difficult – two bases from dud tubes and an octal socket with wires connecting the tube bases – might make a good rainy day project. Anyone want to take up that challenge ?
    P.s. – even worse is trying to find 2Y3’s

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    I have one 2X3 (NOS) which I would be happy to let you have.

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    Here is the conversion as supplied by Rogers

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    Oops I didn’t mean to post the Jpeg twice

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