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    Brad Winder
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    Started resurrection of a large NE 1321 chassis a few days ago…this set was previously restored by it’s former owner, but through unfortunate events over 20 years ago, this set (along with many others) were poorly stored on a farm and suffered various degrees of damage. Many were un-savable, but I decided that this set deserved better…

    The chassis has some surface rust and corrosion, which I am slowly dealing with. The chassis was recapped previously; I repaired three “workmanship” issues, put safety caps in place of the regular capacitors for the line cord filter, and replaced the dial lamp wiring due to fraying.

    The mice had gotten into the chassis, but surprisingly did little damage besides create an awful smell. Cleaning and Febreze took care of that.

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    Dan Walker
    CVRS Member

    I have had one these radios , although mine were the London and the Bombay and I recapped them a while ago, but I am going to have to take the chassis out of the cabinet in one of them
    and check a few things. The dial for the station selector switch is not working properly.
    I think I have a short in one of the coils.
    My Bombay works very well, it is a model 921
    I am surprised that the dial glass in any of these I have seen was not broken.
    Lets see some photos of the cabinet
    Here are a couple of photos of mine
    Dan in Calgary.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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