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    Paula Sexsmith
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    Hello everyone – I’m new to the forum, but have inherited a Rogers Majestic RM603 that I LOVE and wish to restore despite knowing it isn’t worth anything. This is a sentimental restoration project.

    Turntable and radio – I know they worked 30 years ago in my Grandmother’s basement, however since watching a few YouTube videos, I know not to try it! I’m keen to have the turntable refurbished and the radio repaired. Can anyone recommend someone to contact with regards to the repairs? I’ve heard there are a couple of repair stores here in Calgary, but they are prohibitively expensive I think. Open to comments on the topic.
    UPDATE>> I’ve spoken with Dan Walker so my radio (and hopefully turntable if it is not beyond repair!) are going to be well taken care of 🙂

    Cabinet – I’m keen on woodwork so am looking forward to refinishing the cabinet myself. However has anyone ever sourced the fabric for the front of the speakers?
    Thanks everyone!

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    Hi Paula, Glad to hear you hooked up with Dan. He doers mighty fine work! As far as the grille cloth goes and since the valve of the radio is purely sentimental, any suitable cloth will do fine. It really only matters on valuable radios where correct fabric ads to the value. No worries about that happening here.

    Enjoy the radio, Gary in Montreal

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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