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    Ed Kraushar
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    I have been able to post photos but find that the forum will only accept three photos. I have had to stack two photos as one to get around this.

    Would it be better for the forum for us to use a separate storage site for the photos and just link to it. That way the photo can be embedded in the paragraph decribing it rather than at the end of the posting.


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    the board has settings to control things like the maximum file size or the number of pictures per post. it is set to 3 pictures per post. I could change it if this is an issue, or you can make a second, third or 4th post by replying to your own thread.

    when I swamped the " show "n" tell" forum I just put each radio in it’s own post thinking that any data or comments added would then be organized under that particular radio and hopefully I can correct the headers to match the model numbers.

    the settings are to prevent someone from uploading too much data, as the forum consumes an increasing amount of webspace as photos are accumulated. Best to keep the file size no larger than necessary so we don’t need to purge the old ones, but we are in great shape now as far as webspace goes.
    I find if I take pictures with my camera I get rather big files which helps to keep the clarity if I want to crop , but then I usually save those large files to my computer then reduce them to 25 percent which keeps each one under about 100kb or so.

    sure you can post your pictures to any website, there are lots that will host pictures, and many like to do their own archive of photos. this alleviates our need for the webspace for the photos.

    If pictures are hosted elsewhere we have no control over weather they get pulled , so we can host anything important on the CVRS site and we can link to those files from the forum. If you have stuff you think we might want on the website rather than the forum or if you need to host them on the CVRS website just let me know and I will assist with that.

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    The issue about getting errors while trying to upload photos has been fixed. If you have any difficulties let me know but it seems we have it worked out.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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