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    Gary Albach
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    I’ve recently completed restoration of a 1933/34 RCA Model 122 in which all the paper capacitors were cryptically marked with only a 5-digit number. The value of the capacitance was not apparent, and the number is not even the RCA part number as per the radio parts list. So, I compiled a table decoding the number on the body of the cap to the actual capacitance, as measured and shown on the schematic. I got some of the numbers from an ARF post; the rest are from the set I just finished.
    Gerry O’Hara, our Newsletter editor, will be publishing the table in an upcoming issue, but has suggested that I offer it here as well, as follows:

    RCA Capacitors
    Marking on Capacitor Body Value
    65398 0.05 mfd
    68701 0.1 mfd
    69037 0.01 mfd
    69038 0.005 mfd
    69061 0.01 mfd
    69074 0.05 mfd
    69078 0.025 mfd
    69701 0.1 mfd
    69702 0.05 mfd
    69704 0.05 mfd
    69716 0.004 mfd
    69723 0.005 mfd
    72017 0.05 mfd
    73713 0.1 mfd
    73716 0.1 mfd
    73154 200 pf
    73176 900 pf


    Sterling Spurrell
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    Nice job and a great idea that will a lot of time on your repairs. I have it printed off already.

    Jean Marcotte
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    Hey! Talk about coincidence. I just bought a 122 two days ago.



    Gary Albach
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    Thanks, Sterling. I have attached an image of the table that may easier to read.

    Jean, along with the table, I think Gerry may publish photos in the Newsletter of the chassis wiring before and after restoration to show these RCA caps. Will post pictures here of the cabinet when I’m finished. It’s in pretty rough shape so will have to start by stripping it. How much work will you have to do on your 122?


    Jean Marcotte
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    Hi Gary.

    Thanks for the chart, easier to print. The cabinet has been refinished in the past and is acceptable as is. The chassis is another story. Will need a complete restauration.


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