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    Stewart Clark
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    Greetings from London. I’m hoping someone can offer some help with a Canadian made RCA radiogram from the mid/late 60s. I’ve got this working well after a few capacitor changes and a full strip down and clean of the Garrard autochanger -but- it’s received some unsympathetic repairs in the past to the power supplies.. extra heater transformers have been added on and the (parallel) chain modified.. and on the HT side silicon rectifiers have been added along with droppers.
    I’d quite like to return to original and at the same time fit an isolating Mains transformer. At present one side of the mains input connects to the chassis.. even the autochanger.. and was at 240volts with respect to any grounded object! As I found out to my cost lol.
    It would be especially helpful to have a skematic so I can see how this was built originally.. but cannot find one anywhere for this rare imported set.
    Can anyone assist?
    With thanks

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