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    Help …… I am in the process of restoring this canadian PYE radio and found out that there is no info any where about it. I found a stamp date inside the cabinet of Sept. 22 1953.
    Tube line up ….6BA6 . 6X8 . 6BA6 . 6AT6 . 6AQ5 . 6X4 . 6U5 . There is nothing in the records for PYE products after 1953 as Don says. but this model must have been one of the last ones produced in this OSHAWA ontario plant. There is no info even on Radio Museum . Once restored I would submit pictures to Radio Museum . Does any one out there have info about this unit ? Like schematic . I had to mold knobs for this unit , and I’m trying a method of keeping the weak magic eye tube ( if it works ) Keeping things original as possible is my goal ……I took a few pictures , this is what I’m dealing with……

    Perry Kain
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    I am not sure you received any information about your Pye SW radio.
    I have attached a couple Pye 7103 pages for you (schematic and service data page I found)
    I have the same radio – grandfathers, and have it working well – just not sure how to connect external antenna.

    Edit – the 2 files I have for the schematic and service data are 5.4 MB each.
    I tried resizing and then the small print is no longer legible.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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