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    Questions about Mercury S-10 battery cables (1926)
    My first posting here on CVRS forum. I have nine 1920s & 30s sets built in Canada.
    After 50+ years I have acquired a mania for accurate restoration/conservation.
    My current challenge is recreating the battery cable for the standard Mercury S-10 (1926).
    I have machined accurate replicas of the 7 – pin JONES plug. I’ve figured out how to braid
    the black jacket over the rubber covered wires….
    Jones plugs were used on a number of American sets, I have three cable examples all with
    different methods of identifying the cable battery circuits. Zenith used printed Celluloid
    tags that very rarely survive, Nunn-Landon used a cable with printed cloth tags and
    the ends of the wires were dipped in colored varnish for additional identification.
    So… My question for the group is: What was the wire termination/identification method
    that Kipp used on their cables?

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