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    Ed Kraushar
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    I picked up two radios on Kijiji, one of them was this unusual Quadraformer Receiver.

    When I saw the chassis picture there was no passing up this unusual radio.

    It uses these Quadraformer coils and Radion tube sockets.

    With some luck I found on the internet scanned issues of “Radio In The Home” magazine. The June 1925 had an article “How To Make The Quadraformer Radio”, an early version of this radio. The October 1925 issue had an article, also by E. J. Gearhart, “Improving The Quadraformer Receiver”. This updated version was the Gearhart-Scheuter Super 5, an exact match to the radio I had. (More on “Radio In The Home” magazine in the “Reference Materials” section of the forum).

    The Gearhart-Scheulter Radio Fresno California produced a kit of coils to build this radio. My radio was homebuilt using these coils. I noticed that the bakelite strip that the coils and tube sockets were mounted on appears to have been a factory made chassis, all predilled and countersunk where necessary to accomodate those parts. This and the rest of the parts were mounted right on the cabinet base.

    The radio required a significant clean up and reassembly. The builder used many butt joints on the buss type wiring that had come undone over the years. The schematic was a great help in putting the pieces together that were laying in the bottom of the case. Both audio transformers were good so that the only updating necessary was restuffing the bypass capacitor.

    The builder modified the design by adding several extra binding posts. It appears that this was done to give the output tube separate B+ and C-, perhaps to allow the use of a power output tube.

    Reception was loud and clear when powered up. Only thing needed is more AM stations in my area. The cabinet lid will require some veneer repair in the near future.


    Julian Traverse
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    Excellent find, Ed. It’s in excellent shape and should be a great restore. Please share more pictures as you work on it!

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