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    Ed Kraushar
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    I got this radio some time ago and shelved it as it had problems and no schematic information was available. The only information available was posted in the Radio Museum and the title above is what they called it. They date it as about 1938. I have had comments on the tuing cap and audio transformer not being original but mine are identical to those on their site.

    It is a two tube radio using a #49 and a #30 tube in a space-charge design. With considerable help from others on another site I was able to rewire this radio and get it playing. It had been “fiddled” resulting in an open audio transformer and two blown tube filaments.

    The audio was rewound and the radio rewired. Not much to it.

    The radio operates on 3 volts supplying the filaments in series and two nine volt batteries supplying the B+.

    The radio in its case with earphones.


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