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    Gerry O’Hara

    Alec Farquharson has an older cabinet radio/record player that he thought someone might be interested in (FREE!), before he gives it to the dump or lets his grandson re-purpose the cabinet and throw the electronics to the recyclers. It is a Philips Type CM55A with S/N 655114. It has a date 1929 – 1947 stamped into the metal tag on the back. The record player is for 78 RPM and can handle both 10 and 12 inch records. The face-plate for the radio has 4 rows of numbers, so he thinks it is multi banded. The cabinet is 18” deep, 33” tall and 26” wide. Alec is willing to remove the radio, speaker, and turntable from the cabinet if anyone would like to just salvage some of the components. It would certainly make for a smaller package to transport. Alec lives in Kamloops and his email is ‘aefarq at hotmail dot com’, Tel: 250-376-3596. PLEASE CONTACT ALEC DIRECTLY IF INTERESTED.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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