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    I bought several radios in a lot at auction and didn’t realize what this console record player/radio was. Unless I can find a second one it is only good for parts as the original record player was replaced by a more modern Bakelite model of undermined origin. The record player was mounted on a piece of plywood so the original wood is also gone. In addition, the speaker is missing which is also costly and hard to get. Any how, the good news is that the radio is intact and so is the accompanying amplifier. I checked ebay and the amplifier seems to be a sought after item. There are other victor radios that use the amp and radio. If you are in need of any part for this radio or perhaps another victor radio of the same vintage please contact me. Steve

    David Tymoshchuk
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    Good Luck, still sounds like a great find. Many use just the amp out of the cabinet as a shelf unit because of the fact that the amplifier top plate is embossed with the Nipper dog logo.

    There is a complete RE-45 here in Winnipeg on Kijiji for a couple of months, the price seems very reasonable. If I needed a console it would be a first pick, unless a GE F127 came along.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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