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    Gord Richmond
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    Name: Gord Richmond

    Born and raised in West Vancouver, B.C. Now living in the countryside near Trochu, Alberta. Tinkered with radios, T.Vs, etc. since well before my teens. Now older but no wiser. I’m a major-league packrat. Radios, tools, automobiles, trucks, miltary vehicles, and lately buses.

    Wellsite geologist by way of making a living.

    My radio interests got revived a few years ago, and I now have quite a flock. Currently working on an RCA C-15-3 that I found in the Okanagan, but which apparently originated in New York city. I seem to gravitate toward tube-type portables, but I like ’em all.

    I have one item I’d like to give to a good home: a Canadian Marconi marine HF radio-telephone with standard broadcast band receiver included. Has a big 12 volt vibrator power supply and contains 4 807 tubes, IIRC. I offered it to the Vancouver Maritime Museum, never got a reply. I’ve had this for >40 years, got the receiver working when I first got it, never did get the xmitr to tune up. Free to good home! I think I have pix that I could e-mail to interested parties.

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    Welcome to the CVRS forum Gordon, we are very happy to have you on board !

    Gerry O’Hara

    What a coincidence Gord, after a spell in a radio and TV repair shop in my teens and being a keen radio ham in the UK (G8GUH), I took a degree in geology back in the mid 1970’s, later an M.Phil in engineering and have been in the earth sciences for the rest of my working life, but always retaining an interest in radios. After many years of not doing anything practical in radio at all, I became interested in restoring 1920’s/1930’s domestic sets about three or four years ago, plus re-kindled an interest in Eddystone communication sets. I even took my Canadian ham ticket last year to become VE7GUH. I don’t do much ‘real geology’ any more though – mainly management stuff with a smattering of technical review and focused on environmental remediation projects.


    Gord Richmond
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    Thanks for the replies from both Phil and Gerry.

    Working at wellsites like I do isn’t exactly "real geology" in my books, either, but I hadn’t better let that attitude drift back to those that sign the cheques. I’d like to be out in the bush with hammer, cracking rocks, and swatting bugs. At least I get to look at rocks, even if they are ground to particles the size of kitty litter.

    I should have brought a radio project out here with me, but I was kind of scarce on room in the truck this go-round.

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