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    John Duffield
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    Perhaps someone can help me. I am brand spanking new to this hobby with many questions. I’m presently undertaking the restoration of a 1930 Atwater Kent model 76. The dial is broken and I’ve located a source for replacement however, it appears the original was riveted onto the front panel. Drilling out the rivets would be the only way of replacing the dial and this would require removing the panel or the variable condenser to get at it. Unless AK assumed no one would ever need to replace the dial, this seems an extreme procedure. Does anyone have any insight into this problem/fix?

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    I can’t see how difficult access is but you might be able to use a dremil with a stone or with a cut off disc to grind off the rivits rather than drilling. perhaps you could use little brass bolts instead of trying to hammer the new ones. cover up the other parts if you grind to keep the dust away especially from the tuning cap. with the dremil you won’t have to press hard like a drill, just a light touch.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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