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    Grant Sesak
    CVRS Member

    Hi, looking for a UEL 11 tube. also need schematic for the radio this tube is needed for. the one and only other tube is a ECH 11 . its a telefunken. thanks

    Tony F
    Forum Participant

    Grant, If no one has the tubes, you can find them on E-Bay.de (the german version of E-Bay) google chrome has a built in translator from German to English. There are a bunch of tubes on there at reasonable prices.

    Jean Marcotte
    CVRS Member

    Grant, these two tubes cannot go in the same radio. Your second tube has to be a UCH11. The ECH11 has a 6,3V/200ma filament for parallel wired filaments. The UCH11 has a 20V/100ma filament that is wired in series with the UEL11 48V/100ma filament. If the radio is a Telefunken, the only model I found with these two tubes is the SK50. The schematic is available on Radiomuseum.

    Jean Marcotte

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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